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Recording Your Mistake Prussia x Reader
     "Alright, hand your essays in.  Class is over for the year, it's been great having ..."  You skeptically listened as the teacher rambled about how she would miss your class.  You surveyed the room, laughing in your mind as you saw your fellow classmates with the same bored expressions as you.
    Your gaze swept lazily around the room, briefly checking if anyone was actually listening to the teacher.  Lovino was scowling as usual at Antonio who was poking him.  Kiku seemed to be doodling in his notebook as Feli eagerly chattered about pasta and tomato fairies.  Ludwig nodded half-heartedly as he tried to listen to both the teacher and Feliciano.  Sadiq was turned around in his seat and with a second inspection, you held back a giggle.  He was drawing a mustache on Hercules' face while he slept.  Roderich had his eyes closed, tapping his fingers to a melody that only he could hear while your friend Elizabeta watc
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Enigma (Mood Reader!Spain x Abused!Reader) Part 4
(A/N: I'm sorry for the delay! D; I'll try to be more on time!)
~Reader POV~
Darkness... It was all darkness. The pain had receded and you no longer felt anything. Was this what it felt like to be dead? If so, it seemed kind of boring. Nothing to do for the whole rest of eternity. As you contemplated the possibility of being dead a pinprick of light caught your eye. Whipping your head around to try to catch a glimpse of that elusive sparkle, suddenly you heard voices.
"...hurt really badly."
"She....pain..body just shut down."
"...She can't die!"
The voices sounded weird, like you were underwater. It was strangely melodious.
"God?" You questioned. "Is that you?"
Laughter broke your spiritual wondering.
"No chica, I'm not God and you're not dead. You have to wake up soon or you are might go into a permanent coma though."
You recognized a familiar Spanish accent.
"Yes, it's me. Listen closely, you're in a coma from blood loss. If you don't wake up soon, your heart may stop and
:iconsunset-ly:Sunset-ly 58 26
White Hunt (Knight!Norway x Princess!Reader) P3
Previously on Wild Hunt~
"She is under water.  The ice cracked from underneath her as she touched the tree", he spat out. "Save her!"  The deer quickly backtracked to the tree.
Bleating he panicked, "I was just born, I don't know how to grant wishes yet!"  Worry kept Lukas from feeling bad for the baby deer.  "If she dies, you'll follow"  With that last threat, he dove into the water, which was surprisingly warm.
 ~Lukas POV~
Lukas looked around frantically to try to find  (Name) .  Spotting her in the water, he swam over, not even noticing that her eyes were open and that she saw him swimming directly toward her with a blindfold on.  Suddenly, something caught on the pendant that his mother gave him. 
When Lukas was 6:
"Come on! You can't do, chicken!" Mathias taunted from the top of the tree.  "It's not even that high!"

That was it!  "I can so!" Lukas began as h
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White Hunt (Knight!Norway x Princess!Reader) P2
On the last avatarWild Hunt:
"Greetings to you all from  (kingdom name) .  You have all gathered here to win my hand in marriage and create an alliance, that will cause both kingdoms to prosper.  Here is your challenge...." *Pause for dramatic effect*

"There will be a hunt."  A few of the princes and knights sighed in relief, they thought it would be harder.  Your voice turned  joyful, "There's a catch.  It will be a hunt for the legendary white stag."
The assembled men gaped at you in surprise, eyes filled with disbelief.  The white stag was a child's tale, a deer that when caught would grant it's captor one wish.  Their protesting clamor soon reached your shocked fathers and they waved a hand for calm.  
"Whatever our daughter wishes will be done.  However, if no one finds the white deer before sunset today, then a new contest will be chosen."  All of them si
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White Hunt (Knight!Norway x Princess!Reader) P1
(A/N: Has mentions of SweFin, don't like, don't read)
"You've got to get married,  (Name) "  Your father, the king looked over at your other father for backup.
He grunted in agreement, "T'e ot'r countr's 're going t' attack soon."  
Translation: They wanted you to marry someone from a surrounding kingdom so they could get more allies.
"Fine" You responded sullenly, stalking out of the main hall to your bedchamber.  Laying back on the soft sheets of your bed, you pondered the benefits of being a princess.  Sure, it was nice being able to do whatever you want, have whatever you want but the restrictions were terrible sometimes.  You had to be cordial to all the nobles, even the perverted Prince Bonnefoy.  One of the worst things is being forced to marry for political reasons.  Being a princess, you got to read all the time and your favorite books were romances where the rogue swept away the princess and took her on exciting adventures.
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Enigma (Mood Reader!Spain x Abused!Reader) Part 3
(A/N: Same as the other two, has mentions of blood, if you think it needs a mature warning, comment below.  Feel free to comment, fav or watch~ Thanks)
~Reader POV~
Taking the stairs three steps at a time, you stumbled your way outside, wiping half-heartedly at the wetness that spilled out of your eyes.  You had managed to keep back the memories for years, how had they broken through the carefully erected barrier protecting your heart?  Thinking didn't stop the waterworks you noticed as your sobs became more and more panicked.  Slumped on the ground in the snow crying your eyes out in front of school wasn't your smartest idea.  Running down the stairs had torn open the wounds on your stomach and they were starting to bleed through the bandages.  The tears that were streaming down your face a second ago had frozen and your feet were starting to go numb.  The doors to school opened suddenly and someone walked over to you.  It was probably some
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Enigma (Mood Reader!Spain x Abused!Reader) Part 2
(A/N: There is mentions of gore and self-harm in this one too, comment if you think it needs a mature warning.)
~Readers POV~
It was him, the same boy who kept my gaze before.  You struggled to shove your sketchbook into your already packed book bag.  As you were about to dart out the door, he spoke.  "Hey, it's my first day here, could you help me find my next class?"  You fixed your gaze on him.  He was amazingly tan, with chocolate colored wavy hair and the most beautiful green eyes- what? You did not find him all....nope.  Not even that amazing spanish accent would change your mind.  A little voice inside of you taunted about your denial.  He cleared his throat nervously and you snapped out of your evaluation.  
"Sorry.  What class do you have next?" you leveled your normal glare at him.  
"Spanish" (oh, the irony XD ) S***, your next class was Spanish too.  
You held your hand out for his
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Enigma (Mood Reader!Spain x Abused!Reader) Part 1
(A/N: Sorry, this may sound a bit confusing and slightly cliche at the beginning but it'll get better hopefully.  !Warning, there will be mention of slight gore and harm, possibly angst!)
~Readers POV~
    You struggled to put on your coat, grabbed your book bag, and took off out the door.  Your alarm this morning had been broken and you were in a rush trying to re-bandage yourself before going to school.  Your high school was only a few blocks away and since you had already missed the bus, you were forced to trudge through the building layer of snow on the ground.  Water seeped through your cheap coat into the still healing wounds on your belly and arms.
Your teeth hurt from clenching together on the gag.  The sadistic smiles of your parents only intensified the pain as the warm, bloodied knife was pressed to your stomach again. "Scream" your mom said with an insane giggle.
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The Dress :iconnynjakat:NynjaKat 240 75 -Typhlosion- :iconarvalis:arvalis 13,253 799
hetalia icons, plz?
'Cause I've got a small obsession with hoarding them. |:
:iconimeria:Imeria 207 112
Trolling - Prussia x Reader Request
Austria's hands glided from one end of the piano to the other without much effort. He couldn't sleep a wink from the stress of work and playing the piano was just what he needed. He was in the middle of playing 'Fur Elise' when he hit a sour note. Austria frowned and played the last key again and he heard it again.
He hadn't gotten his piano tuned in a while so that could be the reason why there was a sour note. He didn't want to wait for someone to come and fix it so he thought to try one of those electric pianos Ludwig had bought him for Christmas.
He started playing Fur Elise once more then there was the most horrible six words coming out of two voices.
"Piano goes on, piano goes off. Piano goes on, piano goes off." Prussia and __________________ sang and howled with laughter afterwards.
Austria gritted his teeth as the troublemaker and the troublemaker's girlfriend ran out of the room. He knew better than to reprimand them. Germany, Prussia's younger brother would eventually thrott
:icontealhikari:TealHikari 201 57
Prussia- Appearances Are Deceiving
Disclaimer: I do not own Hetalia or any of its characters…Not even Prussia…Sniff…But I am gladly surrendering ownership of the assholes who show up in this tale! I'd also like to apologize in advance if I screwed up on some of my historical info. I tried my best to get it right but I am only human.
A young boy, appearing to be about eight or nine years of age, walked down the road towards a nearby village.  He wore white pants and a white tunic with a symbol of a black cross on it. He also wore a cloak that had that same cross on it. His hair was a darker shade of white than his clothes, almost silver. His dark red eyes held a mischievous glow. He walked with an air of arrogance, a small yellow bird flying near his head.
Who was this boy…? Why, they called him the personification of the Teutonic Knights.
Teutonic Knights, along with the yellow bird who accompanied him, walked into the village in search of a little respite. After all, he had just dealt with
:iconlasmn18:lasmn18 103 90
Dragon And Girl :iconirish-blackberry:irish-blackberry 2,731 250 { Free Icon } -- Sprite :iconhardrockangel:Hardrockangel 1,031 269 After rain :icondaisuke-kimura:Daisuke-Kimura 3,480 104
Prussia x Reader: Crush
You couldn't believe what you are seeing.
Is Gilbert talking to Elizaveta?
Woah. Slow down. Breath. Organize your thoughts. Probably you are still in Math class, dozing off, waiting for your Math teacher to scold you awake from this nightmare. You pinch yourself to confirm it.
But it didn't work. Gilbert Beilschmidt is STILL talking to Elizaveta Hedervary, which is your WORST nightmare.
Why, you ask?
That bird-loving, Prussian (Not German, I tell you) albino is your best friend and that super-hot, Hungarian girl right there is what he calls his "former" crush. You see, she was his crush since first grade, but it faded away (much to your relief) when *cough* Roderich *cough* came. But then the two separated (No, she did not dump him, it seems to harsh for poor little Beethoven-fanboy) which made you worried.
Why would you care? Because your best friend IS your crush. He's the most awesome guy you've ever met! I mean, your best friend is an albino with a world-sized ego! Sure, the ego st
:iconthisisajfm:ThisIsAJfM 170 144
You sat in your bed, the covers drawn over your form protectively, with you gripping the edges of the sheet.
Your heart throbbed from within, your eyes stung from lack of sleep and the tears that had seemed to have a field day earlier. You had been up for quite some time, unable to sleep. You don't even think you went to bed last night, all you knew is that it was now around five in the morning, and you were crying.
'Why is life so hard?' You contemplated, wiping your eyes harshly. 'Why?'
You thought about your crush, a male around your age with glossy blond hair that shined everywhere.
You had eyes for him and him only, but he had eyes for another.
You clutched the covers tightly, and tighter still, until you feared you would rip through the fabric.
'Haruhi. . .You. . .You were supposed to be my friend. Friends don't catch the eyes of other friends' crushes.'
Your eyes welled up at the thought of him chasing after the young male.
Tamaki? Gay? Maybe.
'Why does he look at him
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Magia :iconvanessa-retake:Vanessa-Retake 2,746 51 Azumarill :iconmagnastorm:MagnaStorm 384 23
Beauty Pt.2 AmericaXInsecure!Reader
You’re in a beautiful dress, one a figure as full as yours shouldn’t be in. But everyone insisted it looked so so good. Really though your far too disgusting to even pull such a lovely gown off. You’re shaming it.  
You almost trip on the way out the door. If not for the dashing young man that claims to be madly in love with you, you surely would have fallen.
You want to cry. Just look at you trying so so hard. So hard you’re even falling with your so high heels.
“Hey careful don’t want to break now” Alfred chuckles as he rights you linking your arm with his as he steals another peck.  A part of you wants to pull away and another wants nothing more than to return the peck. In the end you simply take it, as you are lead to the passenger seat. He smiles broadly as he opens the door for you.
“My lady”
You love him; you really do, so so much. But you can’t help but feel like you aren’t pretty enough. He could do so
:iconrissingflurry:Rissingflurry 26 5
Kuroshitsuji :iconk-koji:K-Koji 3,345 183



Hello :iconsayhiplz: my amazing watchers, if you're actaully still watching me after all this inactivity, you're amazing!
~I have no idea how to continue my other stories so I'd like to take some requests to let out all of my writers block and just to get connected with my watchers again.
If you're interested:
I will do:
:bulletgreen: Hetalia x Readers, Soul Eater x Readers
:bulletgreen: Hetalia x OC's depending on what your OC is like
:bulletgreen: Hetalia x Hetalia I would rather not since I prefer to write xreader but, I may be persuaded with :points: //shot
:bulletgreen: Other fandoms as long as you don't mind a slight delay as I research and the fact that they may be a bit OOC
:bulletgreen: Fluff, angst, idk, some other stuff
I won't do:
:bulletred: Yandere, other insane characters
:bulletred: Lemons, Limes, other 18+ material, Gore, etc
:bulletred: Anything else that I am not comfortable with writing
I reserve the right to:
:bulletpurple:Turn down any requests that I am not comfortable or interested in writing
:bulletpurple: Take my time, this is a request and I'm a busy person, please don't harass me for anything
:bulletpurple: Keep my writing the way it is, I apoligize if it didn't turn out exactly the way you wanted but I will rarely rewrite my work
:bulletpurple: Eat chocolate :iconnomplz:
Thank you very much for reading through that all~ Now if you're still interested please fill out in comments below:

Type: (x reader, ship, oc)
Time Period/Setting:
General Plot Description:
Anything Else: (that you would definitely like to be included, I will attempt)


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